Backoffice Design Principles 🚘 🌲 πŸ”¨

CMS is a car dashboard

It is not complicated as a plane cockpit nor too simple like a bicycle handlebar.

It gives real-time data (speed, RPM, opened doors) as well as metrics from the past (fuel consumption, mileage).

A car dashboard needs a soft learning curve to be understood but once one knows the basics, everything makes sense and is linked. In case of an issue, the right warning light comes on and tells the driver what to do or who to call.

CMS is a forest

It has a quiet strength that gives clients power in a reassuring environment.

A forest is linked to animals living inside but it is not them, rather the world within which they live. The animals cannot survive without the forest and vice versa.

The more you explore a forest, the more you know it in details. The basic aspects are simple: a forest is a place with trees, a ground and some animals and insects. However, as you walk through it, you will notice different wood species, places with more animals than others,... and you'll be able to remember them and find them again later.

CMS is a workshop

It gives clients all the tools they need to shape their platforms and get insights from it. Like a workshop, it has a core (the workbench, the shelves,...) but we can equip it according to our needs.

In order to be efficient, our workshop has to be neat and tidy. Tools belonging together should be grouped and the overall layout should allow easy access to most used tools.

A workshop often feels like a shelter for its owner. It's the place she feels safe and ready to get things done. In case of a multiple owner workshop such as a fablab, this feeling is even more important as other can judge your work. Everybody should know their work is observed but has to be okay with it.

CMS is a car dashboard, a forest and a workshop, not in that particular order.