Koalect is looking for a junior designer

Our product team is looking for a new member to help us build the best fundraising/crowdsourcing tools. You will research users, design solutions and write code with us.

Koalect is a Belgian startup that allows organizations to build their own crowdfunding or crowdsourcing platform. We provide a SaaS toolbox that gives organizations the autonomy to manage a platform and launch initiatives themselves. In addition, we train organizations on how to use that toolbox and communicate around it.

Our toolbox helps for example NGOs to collect money (Natuurpunt), young journalists to finance their projects (IHECS), cities to engage with their citizens (Bruss-it), creative projects to challenge about 3.000 schools in a crazy competition (Bednet). Check out our website for more info and examples.

Your mission

  • UX stuff
  • UI greatness
  • do user research;
  • design wireframes, flows and clean design comps;
  • build our design system(s);
  • translate your design into CSS code;
  • analyze our products from a user perspective;
  • be the best teammate ever.


  • We need you to speak some ย English;
  • you spotted the double spacing above;
  • French or Dutch are good too but so is German, Arabic, Spanish,... as long as your English is good enough to articulate your thoughts with us;
  • you have some sort of degree from a design/tech school/program or you learned enough yourself to be confident you're a good fit for our team. No 10 years of experience in DevOps crap needed here;
  • you work with Sketch. Or similar. But you know Sketch is better anyway;
  • you have knowledge of Git, SASS, Gulp/Grunt/Webpack;
  • good communication skills;
  • you would have designed this page differently and you checked if it is responsive;
  • experience with Vue.js or other JS framework is a cool plus.

What's in there for you, you ask.

  • A dynamic team of individuals aiming to have a social impact while enjoying a moment together and finding a nice work/life balance;
  • you will learn so much your brain will explode ๐Ÿง  Also, Koalect as a company will help you grow by working outside of you confort zone, attending conferences and provide you all the resources you need;
  • we don't have any proper about page anywhere but you should know we are Laure, Maxime, Lloyd, Daan, Antoine, Kevin, Martin and Simon plus five others soon, maybe including you. Yes, there're a lot of male names in there but we're willing to change that;
  • your own desk is waiting for you in our Genval office but we have a nice remote policy if you enjoy working in your pyjamas from time to time;
  • oh and last but not least, you'll get paid.

What to do now?
First UX test, we won't tell you what we want, we'll tell you what we need:

  • basic information about you such as your name and others;
  • the kind of work you're good at;
  • things we can discuss during an interview (which should be more of a conversation than anything else).

Send us whatever answers these needs at simon@koalect.com. Feel free to use the same email if you have any question too ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Team Koalect